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We conduct the development projects of Central Government, local government and private business. Our customers come from various countries and geographic regions especially from Vietnam, Unites States, South Korea, ASEAN countries, Taiwan, and China. We tries the best to realize projects through the close working collaboration with customers, local partners, selecting of key success points, choosing the most suitable solution and most important is our lasting commitment to the customer’s business.

We is a middle market investment service firm specializing in Merger & Acquisition advisory, institutional private placements of debt and equity, business valuation and strategic consulting, corporate restructuring. Song Ngan offers a full range of financial services and management restructure to support clients to fulfill their business aspirations and capture the attractive opportunities in a broad range of industries and market segments in Vietnam.

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Our team has been helping foreign and local companies succeed in the Vietnam market. We offer services in IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, strategic financing, privatization, and strategic partnership formulation.

Our access to investors, equity sellers and buyers, both domestic and international, through our proprietary database and strategic resources which span the globe, uniquely position us to assist our clients in closing the right deal at the right time and for the right price.

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Help our clients to ultimate their innovation ideas and business plan, manage and control their resources especially financial resource.

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